Preview of Interface

Preview of Interface

The first page of the workbook (intro)

The first page of the workbook (intro)


What's Included

  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course

  • 24 Page Printable Workbook

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Support Reaching Your Destination

Why this course?

I wrote this course from my own personal struggles in order to hopefully spare you some of the frustration I went through as a writer and blogger. Anything that's a hobby is a bit easier to handle, but if you're like I was and feel led to take things a step further, we quickly learn we must glean all the wisdom we can right?

Yep. I did that. I fished through advice, spent money on courses, watched webinars and all the things. Maybe it's just my personality type, but I was like a deer in headlights. What good was all this advice going to do if I couldn't find a way to apply it?

Plus, all the blog pros were saying different things. Who should I listen to? I felt like I wanted to walk away from it all, but I just couldn't. I knew I was supposed to keep writing. So how did blogging fit in with all of this? My lack of vision yet strong conviction to stay the course finally pushed me to make the right changes, and I want to share those with you!

This place of being stuck is zero fun and if you are where I was two years ago, I want to come alongside you and help. Don't do what I did and go it alone only to look back and see that a year has passed and you've gotten nowhere.


Who is this course for?

  • If you feel overloaded by all the information available to bloggers...
  • If you want to write but feel torn in a thousand directions...
  • If you feel isolated in this blogging journey...
  • If you to stop getting distracted and depleted....


This course will help you....

  • Attain peace...

  • Pinpoint where your focus needs to be...

  • Keep that focus...

  • Experience fulfillment because you know you are doing what you need to be doing...

  • Will keep you connected with others who will support you along the way.

  • Becky Hastings, Writer at <a href=''></a>
    The Reboot Mini Course thoughtfully blends soul encouragement and writing advice. This combination of the practical and the deeper ideas helped me work on my craft and my calling, all while seeking God more fully.
    Becky Hastings, Writer at
  • Carmen Brown, Founder of <a href=''>By His Grace Bloggers</a>
    I am so proud of Meghan. This is an impressive course that will help people do ministry!
    Carmen Brown, Founder of By His Grace Bloggers
  • Debbie Putman, <a href=''></a>
    This is good stuff and I need to let it steep. I love the workbook and will be using this resource often!
    Debbie Putman,
  • Kelly R. Baker, <a href=''></a>
    Being a blogger sometimes means burnout is way too close. I’ve been there. But the good news is Meghan has a solution. Allow me to recommend her Reboot Mini Course. Meghan shares great wisdom and practical steps to walk it out. I love how she helps us identify the source of our problems and reboot through a personal retreat with God. She pairs the practical side to the spiritual and encourages us to unsubscribe from misplaced motives, mindsets, and mile markers.
    Kelly R. Baker,