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  1. Ministry transitions are so disruptive, but can be life-giving! I just relinquished my women’s SS class (felt like a small death) to take on the pre-schoolers. Those little guys wreck me every week. The goal: learn something and not ruin all our church clothes in the process.

    • HA yes! So we are a bit backwards sounds like.
      I do feel quite naked, and the teens don’t take stuff the same way as littles do, so my knees to knock a bit.
      Praying for you too as you transition and jump into the energy of the littles!

  2. It does seem silly that I too need to be reminded to allow decisions to rest in God’s hands. He equips us with His Spirit and with wisdom and the freedom to make choices. We can rest and trust that He will work it for the good of His people and His purposes. It’s a mystery how He does that and so maybe that is why our brains don’t totally grasp it! Blessings to you as you experience the rest that will come as you trust His work in the decision you made.

  3. It certainly is difficult to push away the lies and believe the truth instead. I have found the main thing to help is pray the moment I recognize that lie. I pray God will speak His truth and push out the lies!

  4. Hi Meg. You have a full plate right now and those lies can be so difficult to manage. Rebuking the lie, taking it captive, and replacing it with God’s truth is the best way I’ve found to combat it. Writing or speaking the verses in prayer helps me quite a bit. Praying for you this morning!

    Peace and grace,

    • I think I will pray for a specific one and do what you said, write it out, daily.
      I always remember things better in written form too.
      Appreciate your response here–it means so much. xoxo

  5. Thanks for sharing your life in a nutshell with us, Meg. I get tired just reading about everything you have going on. No wonder you need to get to bed early! And, no, you should not feel guilty about having your phone on block mode. We don’t need to be accessible 24/7!

    • RIGHT!
      This is on my heart a lot and wonder, am I going to write a book about THAT?
      LOL…I like to “go off grid” a lot because I hear God better in the quiet, of course most of us probably do.
      Thanks for hanging out this week!

  6. Listen girl. You are doing the work. You are seeking God. You are loving your family. All good things. And to make room for some of these things, you have to let others go. I know you are walking forward in wisdom.

    I love the idea of blocking calls/texts for certain hours. I need to learn how to do that! I’m terrible at balancing my time. I struggle with setting firm boundaries on “work time” when friend asks me out for coffee or the laundry is screaming (actually — I can let that one go!) It is hard. and you’re not the only one.

    Sending you big, big hugs! xo

    • Thanks, Rebecca!
      It’s a juggling act for sure, and I am thankful for God’s presence in the midst of it!
      How are you? After this book I am taking a breather and will connect more I hope.
      And knowing me–the break will be short-lived before I dive into book 3 haha!!!
      Praying for you always my friend.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you are overloaded with much too much on your plate, Meg! Unfortunately, I can really relate! I’m going to go on a prayer retreat (just one day) sometime soon when I’ve got a “crack” in my schedule. I need to be refueled and recalibrated by the Lord. Praying for you to feel that way too! Thanks so much for the highlight this week! I’m honored and blessed by you, my friend!

    • Beth thank you!
      I hope it didn’t sound like a complaint list, I just know you all are praying friends, and instead of getting weighed down I decided to just be open about where I was.
      Knowing believers have your back in prayer is huge I truly believe. It’s a way to bear one another’s burdens while keeping hold of peace and letting Him do what only He can right?
      You rock my friend, thank you for sharing so openly on your blog. It helps more than you may know??

  8. You are a wife. You are a mom. You are a taxi driver. You are a laundress. A cook. A writer. For Pete’s sake all calls should be screened ‘cepting hubs, school, Mom, me – but I don’t call you because I know how busy you are. LOL!!!

    • Haha love this, I think sometimes I should stop giving certain things time of day and just call YOU.
      The way my brain works, I am one-track-mind while juggling–does that make sense? LOL
      All the balls are in the air, but my eyes are closed and I am focused, and open my eyes to find one or two balls may have fallen to the floor.
      I declare #OopsMyBad and usually move on, or at least I am getting better about it now!

  9. Dear Meg,
    Oh, I will continue to keep you in my prayers for the Lord to show you what’s ahead–just one step at a time. We can’t take the whole picture at once, can we? Sometimes just that one step feels like too much. But He’s holding you through it all. May you feel His peace surround you tonight!

  10. Thanks for hosting each week. Yours is one of my favorite “parties”! I pray God’s peace and wisdom for you as you prepare to share with this group of ladies!


    (Linked up at #22 this week.)

    • Oh my I am so humbled!
      Every week I fight off the wrong voice that says it doesn’t matter, and then I think about how writing through the pain and struggles has helped, and I think about each of you and how you may need the words–or how your words could help me. So thank you for saying this. I am praying you have a peaceful week! Keep up the faith my friend.

  11. @Meg.,

    May God grant you strength and wisdom as you tackle the items on your plate.

    My phone goes on DND at 10 pm nightly and stays on vibrate all day. I don’t feel guilty about any of it. It’s my phone and I pay the bill, therefore, I get to fully decide how to use it. Now going to research how to put my phone on Block mode. Never heard about that feature. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Yes, we have permission to change directions. All the time. In case we didn’t make the right call. Permission to fail. (permission granted.)
    Bob Goff said: Go to the people in need and learn from them. That’s what will happen in your youth group.
    The season of lies is all year long. Sorry for the bad news, but Satan doesn’t give up easily and lies are his modi operandi.So live in the truth of who you are – let it inform your decisions and your To-do list. Then drink a hot chocolate and go look at the sky. love, mom

  13. I’ve heard it called grace-obedience, knowing we won’t always make the perfect decision, but know when we seek to do things God’s way, we can trust Him to lead and even re-direct our steps. And that guilt thing … it really tries to stick to us, doesn’t it!

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