Meghan Weyerbacher

I love to write, scribble, sketch and paint. I love to help people. These things will never change. And so, I’ve stopped trying to buck against who I am deep inside. I’ve quit trying to be every other person, on Earth – for I am I.

As a child, I would sit with pen and paper, doodling up a storm until I could form words and sentences. Thereafter, I began to fill up notebook upon notebook with stories that took me to other worlds. This is where my love of fiction began, or maybe it was all those trips to the library my mom took me on. We read Blueberries for Sal a thousand times.

Meghan Weyerbacher Writer

Many of my first fiction stories are stored away in totes, creatively stapled together with their covers gleaming child-like art. I always took my writing seriously as a youngster. Maybe because I had no close friends or siblings until I was older. Words were my family. We danced together often.

When I was 12, I was blessed to be able to have three poems published by the American Poets Society. My only copy of this treasured book was one of the many items stolen from us when our storage unit was broken into several years ago.

Another fond memory I have where writing made an imprint on my life was the time I won first place in an essay about a historical figure. I slipped into a red velvet dress and stood proudly as the local newspaper took my photo.

Meghan Weyerbacher published winning historical essay.


Somewhere along life’s path, I lost my way. The creative inner child inside became buried beneath the rubble of pain and confusion. I am now letting her come out to play. No more stifling the creativity. Yes, I am awkward and may always be, but I am earning to love the real me.

It was the winter of 2015 when I finally said, "Yes," to the quiet whisper telling me to write once more. I started off by dipping my toe into the world of blogging after having given that up years prior, back when Facebook was just born.

First, I began linking up at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s blog and wound up on her book launch team for The Happiness Dare. Through this experience, I also began to connect with writers for Five Minute Friday, a community first launched by author, Lisa Jo Baker who handed it over to author and friend, Kate Motaung. All these strings have woven together to bring me where I am today. How creative is God that he would remind me who I was, and who has always been: A lover and creator too.

Each week, you’ll find me at where I “refresh the writers™” with laughter and tears. It’s essentially a place where pen-wielding creatives gather to engage and encourage one another through rather transparent exhortations. There are approximately 25-50 of us who hang out each week.

These writers have become unwavering support along this journey. It is an honor and pure pleasure to inspire and uplift these women who may or may not be struggling in their own writing journeys too.

The writers and readers who make up the community here were the first supporters of my novels in progress. They continue to make me smile, to cause me to remember this journey is much better when surrounded by people because this gig can get looooonely.

I am also a contributor to the Blogger Voices Network, have written in other places, create our church’s weekly bulletin, as well as teach primary-age children and direct our Vacation Bible School.

Though my life is full, I purposely make margin to soak up both quiet and writing time for my future goals. I have separate creating time for my blog work where I craft resources for writers who blog and juggle all the things. My favorite time which I look forward to is my book-writing time. Here, I work on my novels, crafting believable characters, nonfiction work, and lay memories to paper for a future memoir.

Some fun facts about me: When I'm off the clock, you can find me drinking in books and having backyard adventures with my family. No matter the weather, our family rule is to get a bit of daily fresh air because it helps clear the mind and reminds us who we are beyond chores, screens, and other “urgent” tasks. I love tacos and rich coffee. Not together. That's just gross.

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