• Learn the 4 key elements for making progress.

    When you learn to keep hold of these 4 cornerstones, everything else you do can flow out of these.

  • Build your foundation before plowing through by injecting your faith.

    Each week you will get two task challenges to work on. This bite sized approach is good for the easily overloaded person.

  • Keep your chin up. It takes work.

    Gain encouragement as you walk through this 10 week course. Each week will have a prayer focus and scripture(s).

  • Receive grace and find your pace as you begin your writing journey.

    You will experience rest if you do not rush through this series but go at the pace that is good for you.

  • Access each week with ease through your email!

    Store your weekly task challenges for future use by making a special WFR folder within your email.

Writing from Rest 10 Week Email Course

  • The Lord has used your words to bring encouragement to me in this blogging journey. I have especially appreciated your thoughts on being open to try new gadgets or technologies, but at the same time to take it slowly, and not feel pressured to "keep up" with some goal that I think I must take on by myself. Your words to trust in the Lord as I obey Him to express what He's put in my heart have been a great inspiration! Bettie, Writer - www.raseasons.blogspot.com
  • The Writing from Rest series is full of practical tips for writers and bloggers. With a friendly, conversational tone, Meghan encourages you to be intentional for greater focus. She adds in a dash of humor which makes this series stand out. Best of all, the Writing from Rest series is biblically based, so it bolsters your faith. Sarah Geringer, Writer - www.sarahgeringer.com