I love to write, real or made up.

As a child, I would sit with pen and paper, doodling up a storm until I could form words and sentences. Thereafter, I began to fill up notebook upon notebook with stories that took me to another world.

When I was 12 I was blessed to be able to have three poems published by the American Poets Society. My only copy of this treasured book was one of the many items stolen from us when our storage unit was broken into while we were homeless for a time.

Another fond memory I have where writing made an imprint on my life was the time I won first place on an essay about a historical figure. I slipped into a red velvet dress and stood proudly as the local newspaper took my photo.

For many years writing went to the wayside as everyday life and a wrong belief that I didn't have what it took to really do anything of value, overshadowed my deep and God-given love.

It was the winter of 2015 when I finally said, "Yes," to the quiet whisper telling me to write once more.

Now I blog here weekly while writing fiction, and attempting to lay memories to paper as they come -- for a possible non fiction in the future.

My husband laughs at my process. Though I no longer have ten tabs pulled up while trying to work on a project, I do still jump from story to story as they enter my mind.

I don't necessarily work on them all at once, but I learned something a year ago: Write it down and hit save. Your brain has too much creativity build-up to deal, when you don't get it out somehow.

And the point is, I write because I have to -- so even if no one ever see's those words, I feel one hundred times more fulfilled than before I began to let it out. I only hope one day someone will enjoy these stories as much as I do. For now, I am writing and rewriting, and learning about agents and how the publishing industry works.

If you want to journey along with me while I learn as I go, I'd love to connect with you.

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  • Let's stow away and listen to God's personal whisper to us. For the easily distracted, that means carving out space to hear and obey/create.
  • We don't have to jump on the bandwagons. We can take the scenic route.
  • We don't have to try to do it all. We can fix our focus on meaningful work.

For years I struggled with insecurity and a half glass full mentality. 

I am still in awe that God is weaving my colossal weakness into a banner of hope. I still don't "feel" adequate for the task, but I am learning that faith + action = living a fulfilled life.

The more I choose to walk where I know I am called to in each moment, the more peace I experience, and the less those "inadequate" feelings have a hold on me.

I personally invite you to join our pen-wielding community of creatives each Tuesday for #TeaAndWord, over at thebloggingwriter.com.

It's more fun with friends, and we always experience a richness that comes from sharing.

When I'm off the clock, you can find me drinking in books and having backyard adventures with my family. 

Fun family fact: No matter the weather, our family rule is to get a bit of daily fresh air because it helps clear the mind and reminds us of life outside of our fours walls. 

PS. I love tacos and rich coffee. Not together. That's just gross.


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