Meghan delights in gathering useful information, adding in her own experiences, and together -creating resources that will bless your life both practically & spiritually. Her goal is to genuinely help others learn to soar as they find balance between work, rest, and adventure. The rad thing about Meghan is that she will admit she is learning right along with everyone else.  


A writer since she could hold a pencil in her own awkward way, Meghan writes through her struggles just as she does through her strengths.  The pro's tell us to write with others in mind and while this is vital, - Meghan also writes for herself and to glorify God.  Her words are usually what she needs to hear too. God has a funny way of working out things within us, huh? 

Meghan's writing goes back to her days as a young child, writing fiction and illustrating her own work, stapling handfuls of papers together - forming books that would be stored in her "Hope Chest."

She won an award at the age of twelve where her historical essay was published with the Henderson Gleaner.  She went on to publish three poems in a poetry society book as a preteen, but her information was later stolen and has not been able to reclaim it since. (So if you find a book of poetry with the name Meghan Weyerbacher within it including 3 poems, one about rain drops...please contact her as this would make a great collection to pass down to her kids.)

At the age of 19 while residing in Virginia, Meghan enrolled in a college course for creative writing where she attended nervously and passionately with many older adults. It was a unique experience that she wouldn't realize until much later - was purposely woven in her life's path.

Meghan began blogging in the year of 2008 when all she could find was a platform called Xanga and Facebook wasn't even on her radar.  She struggled still, for years to find her niche and something she could do while being a stay at home mom.

Now at the age of 31, Meghan has found her true passion IS writing an blogging and also enjoys taking photos, drawing, being outside, and creating with her hands.

Meghan was raised in church but struggled through many battles alone because she found it hard to open up and connect with others. Her introverted and sensitive self seemed like a curse.

It took 3-4 failed businesses and a bout of depression before she got to the place she is now.  

It took becoming free from inner chains before she began to fully reach out.  Reaching out came after she obeyed the call to write more frequently and fervently only a few years ago.

Through writing, Meghan experienced healing and was able to connect to other women who either had battled through the same issues as her or different ones, but who were compassionate and lived to encourage despite their hardships.

After her failed business attempts, Meghan assumed that starting things, creating things, and wanting to be an entrepreneur must not be for her. In fact, her theology was so twisted she started to hear in her own mind that is was a bad thing. Even still, she couldn't lay to rest the line she told the judge in the courtroom that day. "I want to own my own business."  This was something she uttered nervously from her eight year old lips when the judge asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up - that day when she had to testify before many people, from an accident she was involved in; a passenger in a vehicle.

From time to time ideas and creations would come to life, only to fizzle out.  She kept praying and feeding her relationship with God.

As she continued to live being a wife and mom and pushing through hardships, having faith and praying for breakthrough - God answered.

He did a work in her heart and still is to this day, but now she doesn't hold back quite as much and has the power from the Holy Spirit to encourage others in their work as well.

She now knows failure isn't to be resisted and shamed, but that it is a key to learning and finding the right answer just as it took many inventors tons of failed attempts before finding success.

Though success looks different for many, Meghan finds success to her is something writer, Crystal Stine penned, which resonates her heart so deeply: " hard without shame and rest well without guilt while serving God with our gifts."

"When you get to this place, this is success. Because nothing but yourself will hold you back. I held myself back for years out of fear. That is a story in and of itself. Today I want you friend and reader, sister and writer, to walk freely within the calling God has placed within your heart. The calling that you have been afraid to admit to others that makes you want to dance in the rain, not care or worry so much about money, but just merely brings pure joy to your soul no matter the outcome.  When you find the thing that makes you feel this way, you know you are in it for the long haul." -Meghan W.


Meghan's passion is creating, learning, and sharing.

The blog is where these three things collide. Connecting to people and pulling out their gifts, passions, and the gold within them is a passion that comes naturally so don't be surprised - if in conversation - she points out the great thing she sees in you  or that you contribute to the world.  

  • Vision: To help people identity their "what" & "how" while trekking along life's path. 
  • Hope: To build up others by sharing faith-building content + authentically connecting by sharing my own journey as a working writer/blogger mom.
  • Prayer: That more and more women of all ages across the globe will realize their voice/gifts/skills matter because those things, through them, can set others free. That the work they feel called to is not bad; is a good and blessed thing. 
  • Thoughts: Meghan loves to think about what it was like in the original Garden of Eden before sin happened. How work was fun and blessed, pure and perfect, and happening alongside God.  She knows when God sent his son, he redeemed all things - reconciled all things back to himself and this includes work.  May our personal/unique callings be blessed and grown within us so love and light can shine throughout all corners of the earth.


Stick around for fresh content each week that will refresh your creative soul.  Join in on Tuesday's at 7am Central for #TeaAndWord Tuesday blog linkup.  Meet tons of other writers who share what God has placed on their heart too.

If you need specific prayer, are looking for a particular resource, or looking to collaborate - please email her:

Forever redeemed,

Meghan W.