I am Meghan Weyerbacher, a productivity coach for creatives, sharing from my own raw experiences of life. Mom of 3 and wife to a trucker, I have a heart to refresh the overwhelmed (because -- I get it -- I really do).

I am still in awe that God is weaving my colossal weakness into a banner of hope. I still don't "feel" adequate for the task, but I am learning that faith + action = living a fulfilled life.

The more I choose to walk where I know I am called to in each moment, the more peace I experience, and the less those "inadequate" feelings have a hold on me.

I personally invite you to join our pen-wielding community of creatives each Tuesday for #TeaAndWord, over at thebloggingwriter.com.

It's more fun with friends, and we always experience a richness that comes from sharing.

When I'm off the clock, you can find me drinking in books and having backyard adventures with my family. 

Fun family fact: No matter the weather, our family rule is to get a bit of daily fresh air because it helps clear the mind and reminds us of life outside of our fours walls. 

PS. I love tacos and hot tea. Not together. That's just gross.


If you need help on a project, consider my VA Assistant services. 

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